There are so many questions to how we can make our website secure for our customers and their information, so I wanted to take a bit of time to discuss the different steps that any website can take to enhance their security online.

The first thing that we all need to do is take a look at our website and see what we need to secure. Do your customers submit personal information to you through the website? Do you want to keep your website anonymous?

1) Customers Submitting Information – You Need A SSL Certificate

If your customers are submitting information to you such as their name, email or phone number, you should most certainly have a SSL Certificate protecting information submitted to your website! A SSL Certificate is that lock pad that you usually see next to the website name in your search bar, or if you ever saw https instead of http. This ensures that when customers submit information to you over your website, the information can not be taken from those hackers who try to steal personal information!

So, if you have customers submitting information to you online, you owe it to them to protect their information. Get a SSL Certificate for your website and take the easy steps to set it up. SafetyNames can always help you through the entire process!

Also, as a bonus, Google announced that websites with SSL Certificates will receive a boost in ranking! So, make sure to take advantage! SSL Certificates are starting at just $17.99 a year!

2) Looking to keep your Website Anonymous? You need WhoisPrivacy

Many companies and website owners wish to keep their published information private and do not wish to share who is the owner behind the domain. This is possible to do! It is called WhoisPrivacy and is Free for all of our customers with the domain extensions that allow this service.

What you first have to understand is that with each domain name that is registered, there is a record kept of who owns this domain name. This is called the Whois Database. This information is public for anyone to see at such websites like and other sites. You can keep this information private however with WhoisPrivacy! When you want to register your domain or manage your domain with SafetyNames, you will have the option to have this service for free, so that no one can see who is the owner of the domain! We value Privacy and know that for certain sites, it is required to have this. That is why we offer it for free.

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