What is a Domain Name?

A domain name is your website address that is used to identify your website, such as safetynames.com A Domain can include letters and numbers before the dot (.). After the dot, you can chose what ending best describe what you are or what you are trying to accomplish, such as safety.domains, safety.host or safetynames.de

How do I Purchase a Domain for a Website?

To purchase a domain for a website, please search above for the domain name that you wish to have. Then, you will be provided with information if the domain is available or not available. If it is available, then you can purchase the domain name. Do not forget to sign up for a Website Builder package to easily setup your Website!

What kind of Domain should I Purchase?

We recommend that you purchase the domain that best fits what you are trying to accomplish! If you are in the USA, then you should probably try to get the .com domain along with a matching .us domain. If you are in Germany, then the .de domain extension. Or, you can always get a new domain extension such as .shop, .xyz or .club!

What is WhoisPrivacy?

WhoisPrivacy gives you the ability to hide your public information that you must provide when purchasing a domain extension. You can add this on to your domain if you would like for FREE to hide your personal information online.

What is Hosting?

Hosting is simply webspace online, where you can download files and save them on this space that you have purchased. It is like storage space for your boxes. Anything that you want to have on your website, you upload this information onto your hosting webspace. Then, your website is always online.

Why Do I need Hosting?

You need hosting if you want to have a website that everyone can see. When you have the text on your website or the photos on your website, you have to save those photos somewhere. That is why you need Hosting. It is you online webspace where you save the information for your website.

How do I setup Hosting?

Once you purchase your hosting through SafetyNames, you are going to receive login credentials that will grant you access to your new hosting package. There, you will be able to upload all the information that you need to make your website run smoothly. We also give you free Wordpress integration so that you can get your website setup in minutes!