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As Crypto Currencies have been paving their paths and gaining many new adopters in the past months, many as the question on how we can actually spend or use these Coins that we have been purchasing. They have a monetary value since paid for the coins in either USD or EURO, so how can we use our coins?

It is simple. You need to work with partners who accept these coins as a payment. The possibilities are endless! Paying with Coins can be a convenient to purchasers, offering quick transactions and not having to type in Credit Card info.

So why has not every merchant adopted this payment method? Simple, it is risk. If you are into Crypto’s, then you probably know how the price can fluctuate up and down and one day you can be -20% of your initial investment. It is difficult to predict, hence why many merchants have not adopted the opportunity to pay with Coins. But more and more adopters will push for shops to accept Coins.

We think at SafetyNames that for the Security of our customers, we are glad to offer payments in Coins. We know that these Crypto’s are here to stay and that they hold a true monetary value. That’s why you can pay in over 5 different Coins on SafetyNames.com.

Security is our number one focus and that is what we provide our customers 100%. When you setup an account, none of your information will be shared and when paying with Crypto, your information is secure.

We also offer all users Whois Privacy, so that you can hide your Public owner information for each domain name that you have with us (when allowed).

We put Security first for all of our customers, so I hope that you try out some of our services and get online with the help of SafetyNames.

Check out just as you would normally, and in the payment section, just select Pay with Coins and that’s it!

Let us know if you have questions. We are excited to hear what you think!


SafetyNames Owner

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